1. Barbaric Times: Building an Asylum or Creating an Illusion? (1824-1904)
2. “My blood be on their hands”: Mary and Stephen’s Nightmare.
3. A Time of “Intense Humanity” (1904-1980)
4. Restigouche Hospital Centre (RHC): Veterinary Care for Francophone Patients! (1954-2008)
5. A Great Victory? Walls Down; Hope Revived - The End of an Illusion: Centracare’s Demolition (1985-1999)
6. From Vision to Reality (1987-2007)
7. Are We Consumers of Convenience?
8. Two Worlds?
9. A Celebration of The Spirit!
10. Patients? Survivors? Citizens?
11. Conclusion: An Asylum-free Society?